show love

Showing God's love is an important part of being a follower of Jesus. Here at Pathway we want to give you plenty of opportunities to practice showing love to others within our family, in our community, and beyond. If you have a desire to serve in a way or a place not listed here, let us know.


Support an outreach financially

Support a Pathway outreach project or a person going on a Pathway outreach project. If your gift is different than the amounts listed, you can add varying amounts of each price to get your total (ie, $250 would be 2 $100s and 2 $25s). If you would like your gift to support a specific project or person, please specify the project and/or the person in the notes box of the checkout screen. If the person and/or trip are not specified, your gift will go to support any or all Pathway outreaches.

Ways to serve here at Pathway

Here are ways to serve here at Pathway. Opportunities to serve outside our community are at the bottom of the page.