Thailand Global Outreach Team


DATES: SEPTEMBER 21-29, 2017

(all inclusive - travel, lodging, meals, sight-seeing)



  • Sept 20

    Fly out of LAX

  • Sept 22

    Arrive in Chiang Mai sometime in the morning

  • Sept 22-24

    Sightseeing in Chiang Mai

  • Sept 25

    Families arrive and volunteers meet together to prepare/coordinate

  • Sept 26-28

    Conference from 8am-5pm. We will be responsible for children’s breakout sessions during this time frame. We are invited to attend evening sessions but will have no responsibility for those.

  • Sept 29

    Arrive at LAX


We’ve been invited by our global outreach partners in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to lead elective special interest classes for third culture kids (TCK’s) while their parents are attending a homeschool conference. All of these families are American missionary field workers from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and other countries within that region. To date there are 423 adults and children pre-registered for the conference. About 300 of them are children K-12th grade. A breakdown of ages thus far is:

  • 12 newborns or infants
  • 0 preschoolers
  • 270 K-8th grade children, weighted heavier toward younger kids (i.e., 31 1st graders)
  • 15 high schoolers 9-12th grade

No special educational skills are necessary. The topic or range for classes is wide open depending on the volunteers’ background and interests. For example, in the past they have had a banker teach about money, a postal worker teach about the history of the US stamp, a marine biologist teach about a specific turtle, individuals with athletic interests have taught indoor athletic classes, etc.. Classes would be approximately one hour long, include some kind of lesson or teaching and a possible activity or craft.

There is a need for 45-50 adults, so we will be partnering with some other churches to meet this need. Pastor Jonathan will be coordinating the entire team, including volunteers from Pathway as well as from other churches.



The conference will be held at the Empress Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand. All volunteers and conference attendees will be staying there as well. You can check out the Empress Hotel here:



Click here to download the outreach trip application packet.
For more information, please contact Pastor Jonathan.

Payment Schedule

The total cost is $2,000, which you can pay all at once or using the following schedule. All payments are non-refundable.

  • April 6 - $300 deposit
  • May 7 - $600 (to cover airfare)
  • June 4 - $400
  • July 2 - $400
  • August 6 - $300


Use the link below to either pay the full amount, or to pay the next scheduled amount. Don't forget to fill out the application, if you haven't already.

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